​Fabien met brilliant professionals along his path to performance as a top athlete for 15 years. He benefited from a coaching based on a unique approach of the human condition. He then studied these coaching methods and specialized for in-home Personal Training as a Fitness Therapeutic Specialist and also provide Life Coaching to assist each client with customized services. He also cooperates with a panel of very talented professionals for years in the Washington DC area depending on your condition or goal. 

 " In top performance we can't apply the same recipe to each. Everyone being unique with its own story and needs. Thus, the approach of coaching must be individualized to trigger the appropriate motivation necessary to perform. Too many people have a warped conception of success resulting from a programmation of the environment they've been raised up or where they living in. There are as many definitions of success as humans. It is essential to be aware and respect your natural operating and preferences in order to reach a healthy, well-balanced and happy lifestyle."   Fabien

>  P R I V A T E    C O A C H I N G  <


>  A T H L E T E  <

* Fabien retired from his sport career in 2018

Olympic   Games

Beijing 2008 - Silver

Athens 2004 - Bronze

World  Championships

7 x World Champion

3 x Silver

1 x Bronze