Team USA

Olympic   Games

World  Championships

Canoe Individual (C1)

Kayak  Individual (K1)

Beijing 2008 - Silver

Athens 2004 - Bronze

7 x World Champion

3 x Silver

1 x Bronze


>  E N T R E P R E N E U R  <

Fabien is the Founder and CEO of YOU lead.

YOU lead provides in-home or on-site personalized Fitness, Wellness and Coaching services. Pick a time and location, YOU lead will connect you with talented personal trainers, yoga instructors, massage therapists. Health-nutrition coaching and life coaching are also in our range of services.



>  C O A C H  <


​Fabien met brilliant professionals along his path to performance as a top athlete and learnt unique approaches of the human condition from his mentors​. He studied different levels of coaching to assist his clients with the best services:

Professional Coach (FIA Academy of Professional Coaching)

Personal Trainer (National Academy of  Sports Medicine)

Fitness Therapeutic Specialist (American Council on Exercise)

Alongside his sport career he assists clients in personal training, in life coaching and also clients (including minors) with learning challenges, trouble reading/writing, coordination-balance issues, late development, difficulties speaking, hyperactivity, trouble concentrating...